An inventive skater has combined his two biggest passions in order to create a whole new difficult discipline, juggling skateboarding

Some people can’t master balancing while skateboarding, while other people are hopeless when it comes to the hand-eye co-ordination of juggling.


But Hernan Lorenzo, 25, has somehow managed to combine both tricky disciplines to create something wholly unique and mind-blowing, juggling while skateboards.

Skating around his home of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Hernan pulls off amazing tricks that look like Tony Hawk meets the Circus.

Hernan said: “I started skateboarding at age 16. Then at age 20 I suffered several injuries to my ankle which caused an incurable chronic sprain.

“So, I learned to juggle and after 3 years of training I realised that I could combine skateboarding and juggling together.

“It is very difficult and each trick takes a lot of attempts, but when I succeed, I feel a great sensation of pleasure in each trick.

“It’s like bringing something new to the world and that feels great.”

Credit: storytrender