Down Syndrome is an extremely common genetic disorder.

It happens in approximately one in every 700 babies in the US.

Every year, many parents have babies diagnosed with Down Syndrome.

This can be extremely devastating news, but even with this diagnosis there is hope. Inspiring stories like this one shows love conquers all. So inspiring!


Julie McConnel, a 45 year old mother, found out she was having twins.

Soon after, she discovered both of her babies had Down Syndrome.

Her heart was broken. She even admitted to Inside Edition that she considered giving them up for adoption.

Julie explained she wanted to be honest about her experience.

This confession took a lot of courage on her part.

When Julie and her husband, Dan, decided to have another child, they knew there were risks associated due to her age.

While they had four children already, they wanted more. Shockingly, Julie found out she was pregnant with twin boys.

When the tests had shown they both had Down Syndrome, it was the start to very stressful and agonizing few months.

Everyone in the family had a hard time. They couldn’t picture what their lives would be like with two twins that had special needs. How would they raise them?

The family then found couples just like them who had children with Down Syndrome.

Through the help of others in similar situations, their future didn’t seem as scary.

The couple also did research on their own to learn about Down Syndrome which also helped.

By the time she hit her third trimester, Julie could not imagine her life without the twins. When she gave birth, she saw Milo and Charlie for the first time. Her heart almost burst out of her chest with joy.

“I had no idea what we had in these two when I was pregnant, but I’m so grateful we chose to find out,” McConnel said to Inside Edition. “They’re the bomb.”

Now, the twins are both thriving. Their parents say they are goofy and entertaining.

Their siblings are a huge support and are all very protective.

Even with a positive outcome, Julie is still concerned about their future.

She’s worried that they will be rejected or mistreated.

Even with their fears, they feel very blessed to have their boys.

They want to spread their story in order to help those who might find themselves in a similar situation.

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