In the midst of tragic news in the media lately, it’s sometimes difficult to come across happy stories.

Luckily, things occasionally happen that restore our positive outlook on life.

A Reddit user who went by the username Bluecollarclassicist shared a wonderful story on the social media platform.

The Reddit story describes a boy who was not the typical kid who would spend his free time before school playing games or watching cartoons.

Instead, he decided to volunteer his time to help another fellow creature in need.

He encountered a blind deer that had wandered into his neighborhood, and he decided to help it find a safe place and give it some food.

He made a regular morning habit of doing this before school.

The roads are a dangerous place for blind animals, so he carefully guided the creature across the streets and sidewalks.

The boy did this act completely out of goodwill toward another living thing, not expecting any reward in return for his kindness.

It was a generous use of his early morning time before school.

The boy found the deer in his neighborhood located in the state of Illinois.

A blind deer typically has a very low chance of survival in the wild, but the actions of this boy have given it a good chance to live a full life.

Blind deer usually suffer a terrible fate of either starvation or being killed on the road by vehicles.

The boy never tried to hold onto the deer as a pet. The kid didn’t even give the deer a name. His selfless nature is admiral for someone his age.

The boy’s story on Reddit luckily reached the attention of a local animal rescue organization.

They have taken the animal into their care, and it is living a safe, comfortable life among other animals.

When the organization came to rescue the animal, half of the people in the neighborhood went to watch the event unfold.

This wildlife rehabilitation center is the only organization in Illinois that is legally allowed to shelter a wild animal like this, so it is very fortunate that the deer ended up in its care.

The deer is living happily in a horse trailer.

The young boy is an exemplary member of his community who has shown outstanding willingness to sacrifice and feel empathy toward another living thing while sacrificing his precious time in the morning before school.

The Reddit user who told the story has said that he would like to help the boy visit the wildlife preserve and reunite with the deer as a reward for his kindness.

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