Howard the cat appears to be a normal cat, but there is something unexpected about him.

He responds to the commands of his owner in a way that is often thought of as unusual for most felines.

With practiced ease, Howard sits, lays down, and rolls over.

These tricks are more commonly thought of as dog tricks, but he proves that they can be cat tricks, too.

He seems amazingly obedient for a cat. 

His owner, Greylyn Burk, says that they only use positive reinforcement to train him, no negative.

So when he successfully completes a trick or behavior, he gets his favorite treats and lots of cuddles.

Similar to how one might train a dog, they would demonstrate the handshake, gently push down on his rump to show him to sit, and so on.

He even jumps through hoops! It’s clear to see that he wants the treats and enjoys all the praise he gets for performing these tricks.

What a smart little kitty!

Credit: storytrender