A pair of skilled mountain bikers masterfully conquered the gnarly slopes of the gorgeous Lake Garda.

Some people take a trip to Italy for the delicious food, others for the rich culture and beautiful scenery.

But for biking enthusiasts Dario Gnali and Michele Ferro, they only had one thing on their mind when they headed to the beautiful backdrop of Lake Garda in December 2018.


Heading up impossibly steep slopes, rough terrain and dangerous drops, the determined pair masterfully conquered the beautiful yet deadly mountainous area.

With their bikes slung to their backs, the pair dared to head up a trail that had never been ridden on by mountain bikers before.

And with the gorgeous setting of towering mountains, beautiful nature and blue skies, the daring duo’s effort certainly paid off.

Dario said: “We are explorers and always want to try and find new trails that are steep and technical.

“Nobody has ever ridden on the trail before because it is extremely challenging and adrenaline pumping. In the end it was extremely stunning. It was incredible.” 

Credit: storytrender